An artist and an artisan, Anna Lorich Akers holds two degrees in art and design: an undergraduate degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and a master’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Anna spent time working with some of the leading designers in the field before founding LORAK Jewelry in 2009.

Lorak Jewelry pieces are instantly distinguishable with Anna’s feminine and modern take on an old world craft. Lorak’s style harkens inspiration from her love of textiles, ancient Greco-Roman and Egyptian artifacts, and the clean lines found in Scandinavian design. A creative expression fueled by Anna’s love of the craft, our goal at Lorak Jewelry is to create incredibly special pieces for our customers who value thoughtful design and fine craftsmanship.


Anna moved to Norfolk, Virginia from New York City in 2008 to be with her husband, Chuck. In 2013 the LORAK Jewelry shop was opened in downtown Norfolk. This location houses both her in-house studio, as well as the showroom. While she misses the bustle of the big city, Anna has grown to love her city by the sea, and Lorak Jewelry has become a downtown Norfolk staple. 

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Robyn Pulongbarit is a lifelong native to the Norfolk area and a skilled leather and metal worker. In 2017, when Anna was looking for help in the new Selden Market shop location, she enlisted Robyn to join the Lorak team. After receiving supplemental training in artisan silversmithing, she has become the primary in-house production artist for Lorak’s Samla and Vermeil jewelry collections.

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Chuck Akers spent his early years in Virginia Beach before leaving the coast to attend Radford University. In 2002, he graduated with a degree in Media Studies, and began a career in copywriting. After meeting his wife Anna and helping with the formation of LORAK Jewelry, Chuck was eventually able to retire from his copywriting career in July of 2019. He now performs administrative and business management duties at Lorak, and loves supporting Anna’s passion for her craft.

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Noelani Christy has spent most of her life in Virginia. In fall of 2021 Noelani graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts. A passionate digital and traditional illustrator, Noelani loves spending her workdays surrounded by handmade wearable art. She is now a graphic designer and works on product photography, social media, and printed and online publications for LORAK Jewelry.