The process of making a custom piece can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, possibly longer depending upon the complexity of the piece. The process of designing a custom piece begins with a consultation with Anna. You can stop in during regular business hours or call to schedule an appointment. Once the initial consultation has taken place, there will be a series of sketches and quotes. Once you have chosen your ideal design, we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost. The remainder will be due upon receipt of your jewelry.  In the event that the design requires the purchase of a large gemstone, the cost for this gemstone is required up front.



We can work with you to create a totally unique design, or we can customize an existing design in one of our collections. You can choose your gems, change the metal color, play with scale, or add additional stones and design elements.  Some customers find this to be a more approachable process that will still allow for a truly unique piece.


Have gemstones you would like to use in a new design? We love taking a customer's old gems and repurposing them into a new piece of jewelry.  This is a great way to breathe new life into a family heirloom, reuse a sentimental gemstone, and save money on your new piece.

Have gold that you would like to use? We often have customers who want to reuse metal for sentimental and or sustainable reasons.  Reusing your metal requires that the metal to go through a refining process in order to be repurposed.  Once the metal is processed, the credit is applied to your order.  This can be a way to save money on your custom order, however we ask that you keep in mind that the process to refine metal can be costly and this can significantly decrease the amount the amount you may expect to save.


The world of gemstones is vast. Our designers will use their knowledge and contacts to source just the right gemstones. With contacts all over the globe, LORAK can help you find the perfect gem for your new piece. We try to work only with gem dealers who are able to uphold the highest of ethical standards.


LORAK is proud to be a featured designer at Diamond Foundry. Diamond Foundry is a firm in California which makes sustainable lab-grown diamonds. Our partnership allows us access to their unique inventory of beautiful stones. If sustainability is important to you when making a jewelry purchase, we highly recommend considering diamonds sourced from Diamond Foundry.


Lorak Jewelry designers incorporate both old-world, hand-crafted jewelry making techniques, and modern techniques and technology. The design dictates the method of manufacturing. If ordering a custom design, please ask about the types of techniques that can be used to create your piece.


Gem setting is an art form in and of itself. Every jewelry maker has a slightly different approach and style.

Bezel settings and burnished settings are an ancient form of stone setting that incorporates a wall of metal that surround a stone to hold it in place.

Prong settings were developed in the late 19th century and are designed to raise the gem off of the band. This type of setting allows the gem to be struck with more light and from more angles, increasing the brilliance and shimmer of the gemstone.


Setting styles which use "gravers" such as grain settings and pinched bezel settings employ the use of tiny sharp-pointed hand-held instruments to manipulate metal to hold gems in place. This approach is both time consuming and intricate, lending a lush grace to its pieces that show the makers mark.


The custom process is exciting and specifically catered to you, and therefor labor intensive and involved.  Due to this in-depth process, there are no returns or exchanges for custom made pieces.  Once the design has been finalized and the manufacturing process has begun, your deposit can not be refunded.  That being said, you are involved in every decision and no part of the process begins without your approval.  Here at LORAK we do everything we can to make the process fun and exciting, yet easy and concise, with amazing results.