Whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring, or a custom designed pendant, it’s often the stone selection that sets the piece apart. We source a variety of precious and semi-precious gems as both feature stones and accent stones, and many of the Lorak pieces offered on our web site come with the option of selecting various gem stones. Some customers select a stone for its color, others for the stone's history and lore... either way, each gem stone, like its wearer, is unique in its own way.

Lorak designers favor a pale pallet and have a unique eye for color combinations, often offsetting a pale color with a brilliantly bright color. We choose each stone by hand allowing us to create unexpected and playful combinations.



Gem cutting is an art form and a world all unto itself.  Our designs are informed by our love of the history of adornment in ancient civilizations, therefore it makes sense that our favorite cuts are those of antiquity like the Rose cut.  Often times pairing Rose cuts with the more modern Brilliant cut accent gems, the resulting look of our designs are historically informed yet unexpectedly modern.


Here at LORAK we offer sourcing services to find you the perfect diamond.  With our many resources we can help you find just what you are looking for whether it be an antique old-mine cut, Canadian mined, or a lab-grown diamond.