Creative Expression

Growing up, I loved art. I was entranced by texture, colors and history: the worn edges of an old coin, the enigmatic relics of ancient Egypt, the exuberant brush strokes of the expressionists. It was all so intoxicating. Wandering about, I collected wildflowers and unusual stones in the fields behind my childhood home in rural Pennsylvania. When not exploring the outdoors, I spent time inside my home surrounded by art, books and artifacts. My favorite among those were my father’s ancient Greek coins.

The joy of art led me to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where I discovered my interest in enamel. My love for its counterpart, metalworking, followed swiftly but it wasn’t until my time at the Rhode Island School Of Design, where I earned my MFA, that I committed myself to the craft of jewelry. Body adornment has a mythos that not only fascinates me but also facilitates a connection to what it is to be human. The breadth of meaning and the skill to create those ideas take a lifetime to explore.

When I create, I embellish simple forms with a mixture of textures, setting styles and mark-making. This evidence of the hand speaks to the artifacts of antiquity that I find most alluring. Like the flowers I picked as a girl, the gemstones I select for my jewelry have an implicit beauty that is both imperfect and unique. I often pair some of the oldest historical cuts, such as the rose cut, with modern brilliant cuts—resulting in a look that is historically informed yet unexpectedly contemporary.

Historically informed, modern heirlooms.


The Extended Lorak Family


Robyn (left) is a lifelong native to the Norfolk area and a skilled leather and metal worker. In 2017, when Anna was looking for help in the new Selden Market shop location, she enlisted Robyn to join the Lorak team. After receiving supplemental training in artisan silversmithing, she has become the primary in-house production artist for Lorak’s Samla and Vermeil jewelry collections.



Chuck (middle) spent his early years in Virginia Beach before leaving the coast to attend Radford University. In 2002, he graduated with a degree in Media Studies, and began a career in copywriting. After meeting his wife Anna and helping with the formation of LORAK Jewelry, Chuck was eventually able to retire from his copywriting career in July of 2019. He now performs administrative and business management duties at Lorak, and loves supporting Anna’s passion for her craft.



Noelani (right) has spent most of her life in Virginia. In fall of 2021 Noelani graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts. A passionate digital and traditional illustrator, Noelani loves spending her workdays surrounded by handmade wearable art. She is now a graphic designer and works on product photography, social media, and printed and online publications for LORAK Jewelry.


The Journey

Our beginning . . .

LORAK Jewelry’s earliest iteration began to take shape in 2009 with a single collection. Then called Lorak Designs, our first pieces were sold through a few galleries, boutiques and pop-ups. Then, in 2013, our first shop in downtown Norfolk opened in the Monticello Arcade. The shop opened with a small collection in 18k yellow gold, and our original Vermeil collection followed shortly thereafter. This new venture led to years of custom work, artistic exploration and growth. We evolved from a tiny shop, with limited offerings, to a shop overflowing with several in-house collections and goods from other designers and artists.


Growth . . .

In 2017, the Downtown Norfolk Council founded the Selden Market for the area’s up-and-coming small businesses. Being an established business, LORAK was chosen to be a mentor tenant, joining an exciting group of young makers and new entrepreneurs. These years marked exponential growth of artistic expression, technical skill and exposure.

Us now. . .

Join us on our journey as we grow.

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The Mission

Our mission is to create—and connect clients with—everyday pieces that complement their style: extraordinary pieces that speak to their spirit, and personalized pieces to celebrate their lives. Our collections are designed with the intention to encompass ancient wisdom, taking inspiration from the universe and our universal past to create modern heirlooms hewn of time. In addition to our in-house collections, we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of everyday style essentials and an eclectic assortment of artist-designer jewelry. Aiming to provide an alternative to the impersonal formality of traditional jewelry stores, we offer an experience that is fun, comfortable and personal. Whether it be a custom engagement ring or a last-minute gift, we strive to offer the utmost in customer care, quality and especially attention to detail.

Style. Spirit. Celebration.


A tangible symbol of love, jewelry of intention is meant to last. Defining beauty on our own terms, our ceremonial collection features contemporary takes on classic motifs juxtaposed with unexpected combinations and compositions. Each set is unique to the wearer and an heirloom in the making. It is our greatest honor to make these pieces of personal significance.


Our studio produces both one of-a-kind and small-production collections, with attention to sustainable and responsible practices. Born of tradition but not limited to it, we utilize both old-world and modern techniques. Often casting designs from hand-carved models and finishing with a satin surface, the process lends a feminine softness as well as an aged air to our pieces. We employ many techniques which use “gravers” such as grain settings and engraving in which the use of tiny sharp-pointed hand-held instruments manipulate the metal. This approach is both time consuming and intricate, lending a lush grace to unique pieces that show the maker’s mark.