Most LORAK pieces have our signature satin finish which we believe lets the design stand out without the glare of a high polish. Over time the satin finish will buff up to a shine from the natural oils in the skin. We like this natural process of wear, but if you want to maintain a satin finish there are a few steps you can take.

If the piece is solid gold you can use a satin pumice powder to take the shine off at home. Contact the studio for a satin finish home kit. For silver and Vermeil pieces, Tarnex solution can be used to brighten the metal and alleviate the metal from any tarnish it may have gotten. Dip the piece in or rub gently with a cotton swab being careful to have limited contact with any gemstones. Over time a Vermeil piece may start to wear away the gold plating, re-plating can be done for a nominal cost.

Our gold dipped brass collection (Samla Collection) should not need any cleaning. For longevity and best care store your jewelry in a cool dry spot as avoiding humidity will help fight tarnish.


We believe in ethical sourcing and supporting socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. We strive to implement practices that meet our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.  Our diamonds and colored gemstones are handpicked to ensure that they are natural and ethically sourced.  More than 85% of our gold is recycled and the majority of the balance comes from American gold mines.